Consultative Exams for DDS

Dr. Bruce Guberman, owner of Tri-State Occupational Mediciine began performing consultative exams for Social Security Disability over thirty years ago. Today there are fourteen physicians with varied training and experience performing exams at over fifty locations currently in nine states with three more in the planning stage.

Each physician is provided training and an assistant who will coordinate the clinic flow and also perform ancillary studies. Our staff provides the office locations and maintains them as necessary. TSOM does the scheduling, provides and coordinates the dictation and transcription process, collates the reports and ancillary procedures, and forwards the reports to the referring agencies. For the physician, this provides a simplified, efficient system to examine patients and prepare and process reports. There is no "on-call". Weekend and evening work is not expected. Collections are essentially 100% and doctors are paid per day worked regardless of actual number of patients seen and regardless of when or if payment is received. Legal risk including malpractice is extremely low. For the vast majority of work testifying and depositions are rare to non-existent. Our goal for our physicians is to provide a low risk, low stress practice with flexible hours and providing a fair, comfortable income.