We strive to provide an excellent work environment for our over 80 full and part time employees working both in our main corporate office as well as in our multiple clinical locations. As a result, we have a low turnover rate at all levels including physicians.

Our organization has a single, central location for administrative activities ranging from interfacing with multiple government offices in multiple states to day to day scheduling and day to day maintenance of our offices. Whenever our physicians are working, they have the immediate and constant back-up of our experienced central staff, but also have on the site clinical assistants familiar with our procedures and policies. Our physicians are mostly full time or, if not, work a significant amount of their work hours with us. None are in training programs. Therefore our physicians are dedicated, well-trained, and directly accountable for the quality of their work. We provide block scheduling to allow physicians to maintain a work schedule and pace free of emergencies or other distractions. These are some of the key reasons our group at TSOM has succeeded and excelled. We welcome your participation at any level from referring claimants to joining our staff.

For more information, contact Susan Gladys at susang@tsom.com or 866-929-TSOM.